Alice Nogueira


Director, writer, dramaturg from Brazil based in Berlin.

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Please drink the milk otherwise it spoils

Written and directed by Alice Nogueira, it is the second piece of Coletivo Cronópio. The piece deals with the passage from teenager years to adulthood, considering the dreams that one leaves behind while getting older. On stage three teenagers and three adults share the scene and tell stories in which fiction and reality intertwine, revealing situations that were extracted from the memory and personal experience of the performers. The play is characterized by a fragmented dramaturgy and a strong presence of digital-medias on stage


Text and Direction: Alice Nogueira
Performers: Ana Junqueira, Clara Araújo, Débora Peccin, Gabriel Labaki, Leonardo Birche and Tathiana Botth
Lightdesign: Cris Souto
Videodesign: Lucas Bêda and Verônica Gentilin
Costume: Sandra Pestana
Sound Design and Music: Fábio Freire
Stage: Zé Valdir e Alice Nogueira
Props: Zé Valdir
Assistent: Raquel Médici
Graphical Project: Renan Marcondes
Photos: Ligia Jardim

Project supported by the public funding of Proac Edital de Produção e Temporada de Teatro Inédito  (2014) and by the prize Zé Renato de Incentivo ao Teatro (2015)

Premier at Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade (2014- São Paulo);
Presented by Espaço dos Fofos (2015- São Paulo);
Presented by Contêiner Theatre (2017- São Paulo);
Presented by Centro Cultural São Paulo as part of the Cronópios Occupation, made by the group in 2018 (São Paulo);
Showed at different cities in the State of São Paulo as part of the project SESI Viagem teatral in 2018.