Alice Nogueira


Director, writer, dramaturg from Brazil based in Berlin.

About me



In day-to-day understanding, to fail is to have a lack of success, deficiency of desirable qualities or being in a state of “not functioning”. To fail would also stand for disappointing oneself or others, and not achieving someone’s goals. To fail is therefore a consequence of a pre-existing right or wrong.
Project.Fail is a piece composed by two humans, one machine and multiple viewers. Somewhere on borders between the virtual and analog worlds, the performers behave sometimes as humans and sometimes as avatars in a game of losing/gaining power and control. By relating to each other as well as to the invisible machine, they propose a situation for questioning the ways humanity lives and the choices that brought us to our current crises and failures.


Concept and Performance: Alice Nogueira and Ana Clara Montenegro
Dramaturgy: Alice Nogueira
Voice off: Sven Rausch
Camera and video-editing: Talisa Frenschkowski and Simon Lenzen
Light design: Carina Premer
Sound-recording: Jannis Wulle
Sound-editing: Felix Schwarzrock
Assistant director of filming: Rodrigo Andreolli
Photo: Talisa Frenschkowski

The production was created in cooperation with studioNAXOS. Funded within the framework of the cultural funding program "Hessen kulturell neu eröffnen".

Premiered at StudioNaxos in Frankfurt am Main on July 2021.